Champions League 2018-19

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In the worst case of Liverpool and Woolwich winning the finals, we would need Roma to miss out on their group spot or Porto to fail their qualifying rounds.

And at the moment Roma are 3 points plus a 6 GD off of doing so with one game in hand right? Regardless of how either of the Euro cups goes it's looking increasingly likely we'll be in pot 2 next season as a bare minimum with all the outs we have, which would be great
So unless something a little bit mental happening like Roma winning, both Milan teams losing and Roma making up a +6 GD on them, regardless of what happens in both European finals we will be at a bare minimum in pot 2 right? If so that's great. The difference being in pot 2 or pot 3 is a big one IMO so that's excellent news if I've got the right end of the stick on this one
Yep - there's a very detailed breakdown of the possibilities here, but basically it would take a very improbable combination of results on the last day of Serie A for us to miss out on pot 2.
Roma fail to qualify for CL and as they have a higher coefficient than Spurs, we move up the positions to ensure we are definitely in Pot 2 this coming season

A decent run in CL next season and we will probably be high enough up the coefficient rankings so we will not be dependent on the results of other clubs to get into Pot 2 In the next sesson. - just getting Top 4 or better or winning CL of course to get into Pot 1.
Worth pointing out that we are currently in 17th place with 78 points with Roma (81 points ) Napoli and Shakhtar Donetsk ( both on 80) above us.

Our 5th year ( which will fall away next season and be replaced by next year's CL points) was 9 points whereas we earned 21 points last season and a minimum of 26 points this season. So every chance we will move above all 3 of Roma Napoli and Donestk next season or at least two of them next season and above them is Dortmund on 85 points also vulnerable to us

All looking good to re establish Spurs in the upper ranks of European club nobility !
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"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
Good news but if we had taken the Europa league seriously a few years ago we would have not had to worry about our position these last couple of years.

In all honesty, I couldn't give a fuck....

1st pot, 2nd pot, 3rd pot....? Pot rules. :chicco:

Meanwhile: Qualify... Beat cunts. Straight forward enough.
looking like some new good aways next season.... of course its a given we'll get Atleti.( p2)
but happy with either
(p3) Valencia/Salzburg
(p4) Lille/Atalanta
Well the good thing is that 5 years ago we did badly and should improve upon that without too much trouble next season. How come Chelsea got more points this season than liverpool? presumably won more matches but should not be getting same number of points in Europa league as CL.
The most painful defeat in years, will take weeks to get over it. Ranks higher than Newcastle 2016, Portsmouth 2010 and Woolwich 2012.

Conceding penalty on the first minute in a CL final, name one spursier thing!
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