Chavs v NLD

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Destroy the scum!
Why not both.

I Want It All Need GIF
Sunday puts us in a great position to get 4th.
...and tonight we have a chance to get to Wembley... a small chance, granted, but a chance!

But I agree with cretinousgoat cretinousgoat ...why does it have to be one OR the other, why not both? Cos we can ALL visualise the nightmare scenario of neither!

I'm sure as shit THEY prioritise winning every time they play us!
I despise the chavs with every fibre of my being but, if I had to pick 1 it would be beating the scum in the NLD. Why cant we have both?

Lenny Hatchet

Out on good behaviour
Dislike chavs even more with their relentless success and slightly envious of the Roman bent gravy train which means we can never compete.
Arse have shit owners like us arguably slightly more football focused as thier transfers can be more ambitious .
Of course in a perfect world it would be bloody brilliant to beat both. Realistically chavs are far to good for us . Arse l would say overall are slightly better as a squad but at home hopefully we can fuck them up
This is a tough one; coming from 2 - 0 down to beat these cunts would be extra sweet; but as I’m going to the game Sunday, and losing to Woolwich at home would fuck up an entire week of my life, I think this NLD shades it. BUT IM PRAYING FOR BOTH! COYS!!


The thing is we surely all want a trophy. Even if it's the Rumbelows Cup.

We're better than Woolwich. We'll finish above them in the league. A league double over us would hurt like hell, but we'll win the war. They can have the battle.

If you guaranteed me a win in the final at the expense of a loss against the goons then there would be absolutely no question in my mind.
Easy for me. Winning against Woolwich and Chelsea in the league the next two weeks is more important. But it’s very important we show up tonight and put in a top performance.
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