Clarity/honesty between club and fans.

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With events surrounding Alderwiereld & Trippier and the "technical reasons" and a issue a few years back again involving a European match it was under Redknapp at the very start of his tenure we played a game in Russia? We were bottom of the premier league and he played a weakened team it was the Europa league we got beat but the fans that traveled were less than amused with the team we put out having spent time and money going to watch it. Now Harry said his priority was staying in the league which it was not playing in Europe so it was sacrificed! The fans at the time thought they should have been told re the weekened team now fast forward to tonight and the "technical reasons" should fans be kept in loop? After all it's their time and money that's involved?
Depends, are you going there to support the team, or are you only willing to do that when your preferred XI is playing?

How far in advance do you need to know these technical reasons? Are you suggesting Poch post the team sheet 48 hrs before a home game?


If he had already decided to play Sanchez and Aurier (who both played pretty well), then what's the point in taking Alderweireld and Trippier to sit on the bench?

I really don't see the issue here.
The players are being told they're exhausted and tired in August when they DO play, and Poch is having to field snidey questions when he rotates!
They're knackered, and he rested a few... that sounds more 'technical' than tactical.

I don't see the problem... problem was we LOST, otherwise there wouldn't be a problem!

Next up... Harry Kane... washed up old has-been at 25??? Discuss!
Looking forward to another week of these new topics appearing on the board.

"Where is it all going wrong?"

"i'm beginning to question what i have done with my life?

"Do i even exist, or am i a figment of Graham Roberts imagination."
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