Come here to laugh at Chavs

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well, that's gross...

There's 3 Chelsea fans at the burger van over the road from me right now jumping about and singing with their shirts off. I don't know whether to laugh or stab them
I love how the media is saying Torres is back after scoring two goals this weekend. So basically Torres is a really, really expensive Championship level striker... congrats Chelski.
Me and a Chelsea fan have a go at each other all day. I love it when he brags about the latest really funny chant at the bridge. When they played City, they chanted thursday nights channel five, cos City had just been knocked into the Europa. Since then, whenever I'm serving assorted abuse at him he comes out with THURSDAY NIGHTS CHANNEL FIVE!!!!!!!!!! at me, as if it's the most funny, original thing he's ever heard.

Wait until they catch up with 'we shall not be moved' or 'you're not singing any more'... they'll jizz in their nappies with excitement (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

not only did Chelsea steal this game from Wigan, this happened. Fucking shitbags all of them.
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