Come here to laugh at Chavs

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A goal down, 15 minutes to go and already 5 points off the Champions League places and you put in a display like that? Shambolic.

Sure, you try to close down Man City and they'll basically ruin your career and pass round you for fun, but show some fucking passion.

You can bet they won't be so fucking gutless when they come up against us.
New money vs newer money...

Whilst Woolwich are in disarray at least Chavs are united. Both the manager and the players are as one.

Desperate to get Conte the boot.

What it must be like to support a club where the players win the league every two years and then go through the motions in the off years. Can't compete so won't compete, utter fucking shambles.
I reckon all the time they are in the Champions League, he will be in the job.

I despise how they played yesterday, it really was embarrassing to watch, but if he had won 1-0 or got a draw from it, then it would most likely be a different story and he would be branded with the tactical masterclass brush for a week or two.

Everyone was excited having Pep, Jose and Conte in the English league. Unfortunately the latter two have the philosophy if you don't concede you don't lose.
How do you see their future? Next couple of season at Wembley right? And without CL football or money, they're fucked. Abramovic won't invest anymore in the squad.

Hazard and Curtois haven't signed their contracts yet, and Real Madrid will go for them in the summer(at least for Hazard).
The good side of the oil money with citeh is that stopped a lot of Chelsea grow. And then at least play good football and have likeable players. Next season Chelsea without champions league will be a just a blue Woolwich.
Jesus, imagine having to go to Wembley for 4 seasons. I think I would swap Spurs for my local town team down in tier 8,9 or 10 of league football till the new stadium was complete ha ha.

Cost us like 15million to rent Wembley, current figure for Chelsea is like 25million a year isnt it? That is quiet some money to be pumping into rent money whilst paying for a stadium to be built at the same time.
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