Come here to laugh at Chavs

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I don’t get it either. It’s an era of narcissism. These people seem to think anyone gives a shit about their opinions.

I’m aware of the irony of posting this on a football forum.
Part of why people vlog is because if you get popular enough to monetise it you find YouTube absolutely shits money. Those teenagers doing make-up reviews are multimillionaires.

I would like vlogging at football matches to be banned. Ban 'em and beat 'em up. That'd be fair.

From her website:

Welcome to my new project: Sandra Marsh: the Conspiracy Files. I have recently started getting involved in politics (which I am not an expert in and have never been interested in before), because my dad, who is a successful businessman, is the victim of very bad new laws which are coming in from the government. My dad is a non-dom, which means he doesn’t have to pay tax in the UK. He earns a lot of money and spends it, plus he has a lot of expertise, so it’s good for the economy. However, the corrupt government are starting to ban non-doms and forcing them to pay tax against there will.
This Sandra - a 'professional football analyst' - is a complete fucking idiot. Just browsed her Twitter and this ardent Man U-cum-Chels fan (wtf?) seems overjoyed that City lost. I'm not sure many Man U fans are ecstatic Liverpool won. Bit of a rock and hard place for them I'm sure (e.g. us with Woolwich/Chelscum) Very strange individual.

Haha. From her webpage:
"My dad does not avoid tax. He is a non-dom and works in Dubai but I live in London. This is all legal. My dad takes the money from clubs in cash and invests it to “clean” it and make sure its properly invested in my savings account."

Christ, I'm having a slow work day!
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Eric sends his regards
I can't keep up with what he is saying, its as if a thousand people are all shouting different stuff to at me at once.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
'We took Chelsea for a walk in the park!' Whatever he's on, I want some.

Impossible to watch that without laughing, he's quite funny. If he dropped the cheeeeese saaauuce catch phrase I'd have more time for him. Having said all that, if he's sat within earshot of me at the New Stadium he's going down.
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Yeah it’s really a guy called Mark or something, runs a Man U fan site or blog or something
Mark Goldbridge. This one was a bit of a giveaway:



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Roman's name is coming up more and more in regards dirty Russian money in the city (as well as the whole Trump/Russia investigation).

Assets. :avbpray:

If only that would come true and we kick that crook out and seize any assets he has in this country
Including that shitstain of a club

Would make my year

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