Come here to laugh at Chavs

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Exactly. Bunch of spoiled, self-entitled pricks. Think they have some kind of divine right to hoover up all the trophies year on year (forgetting what a bang average club they were pre-Roman blood money days).
And, heaven forbid, they have one off-season as they then all melt down in inconsolable despair.
Holy fuck they won the league last season they have no right to complain about anything.
One pound club with two bob supporters.
What Chelsea do they want back. The pre 2003 Roman Chelsea
The one title in 54 ( compared to our 2)
The 3 fa Cups ( compared to our 8)
2 league cups (compared to our 3)
And 2 ECWCs in Europe.(compared to our 2 UEFA and 1ECWC)

Fucking dimlow
Yep. They're actually implementing new sanctions today, i think. Haven't seen if his name has made the transition from that interim list to the actual one or not.

We all know that NOTHING will happen to Chelsea. No idea what's going on and possible implications, but it's far too hopeful to pray they get seized/frozen/fucked.



Lock Roman up as well. And may he bring down Chelsea along with him.

It’s about fucking time their bubble bursts.
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