Come here to laugh at Chavs

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They want their Chelsea back
Which pre Roman would have been
Fa Cups 3
European trophies 2x ECWC
League cup x 2
Titles x 1 (1954)

So just above West Ham by 3 trophies
Below Spurs by 9 trophies
And Spurs were behind Woolwich by 8 trophies.

Let’s have your Chelsea back

Yes let's have your Chelsea back



Eric sends his regards
Its usually an awful smell but right now I love the smell of melting plastics in the morning.

Drawing to WHU must feel like a thousand defeats to these fragile plastic racist criminals.

How arrogant of Alu-whatever-his-name-is. FA Cup not a big enough trophy to save their season!!

They’ve turned into Woolwich although that really is the case regarding the FA Cup for them it is a step down from winning the league. Hate to think it they are more than likely to win it. Whereas for us we’d absolutely love winning the FA Cup again, even though there is not much prestige there anymore. Hope Southampton knock them out and we smash Utd.
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