Come here to laugh at Chavs

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No idea what to make of Chelsea if I am honest. None at all.

Hazard for me walks into any Premier League team but you have to set the team up to play to his strengths and then he has to deliver. In saying that nobody can do it alone.

Whenever I watch Willian I always think busy player with quality but he is 30 and ain't going to get any better.

Kante is excellent but it's what players are around him that makes him stand out even more.

Outside of those 3 and maybe Rudiger who seems a tough and durable central defender I really do not see this great team. No one is saying they are great of course.

Costa was fantastic when they had him. An out and out winner and leader but since then, Morata, Giroud and now an ageing Higuain are just not going to carry them.

So now it really is a rebuilding job and that means Abramovich investing hundreds of millions more and I am not convinced he will do that.

For example I would take the 4 players I mention above but nothing else and only Hazard and Kante would go straight into our first 11.
I don't give a fuck and lapping it up and abusing the 2 fucking chavs I know to death..naturally Hate the goons to my dying breath but have some respect for them
Small Club in Fulham I hold in utter contempt..shit club no history . Pathetic shit fans who are disappearing as fast as they turned up.
If it Wernt for the Russian they:d be playing Burton.. And not just playing like Burton.
Sarri don’t cry ( by Guns N’Roses)



Ransack Stamford Bridge.
Drag the Russian crook Roman outside by his collar.

Bet you a grand that club is filled with corruption. Still unreal they haven’t been investigated properly.

As for Sarri, who’ve thought he would be an upgrade to Conte should be sacked. Not that I mind.
I had a Chelsea fan say to me the other week, that they were just behind Liverpool as being the best supported team in the 80s...I asked if this was the case,why did they have weeds growing in various parts of the ground because of lack of footfall...And why was there bucket collections after every home game due to lack of fans paying at that turnstiles?He is older than me,so not like he is young and doesn't remember

Yesterday they lost 6-0 and i laughed :)
West spam levels of meltiness. He got up at 6.30 you know.

This video cracked me up , firstly in my humble opinion he could have got up about 9 left the house by 10 and made a four o'clock kick off with time to spare providing he lives within 30 minutes of the m25 , 630 is on him.

Secondly he goes on one beetween 1:10 and 1:25 of the video " if the club don't FUCKKKKKING reimburse the fans then I don't FUCKING know " pauses slightly looks confused as if it's just dawned upon him that he's an inarticulate primate who's out of his depth then continues "I don't know what to expect" and has a shifty glance to the left with his eyes that completely gives his inner thoughts away that blatantly are "fuc k hope no one noticed that one" , don't know why but that had me howling with laughter.

Lastly I think this idiot has been so desperate to trot out his line about Jorginiho's marking " he was marking like he was in a strip club with a no touch policy " that he's secretly delighted with a 6-0 drubbing
plastic fans. My Dad supports Man City and City fans in the wild were as rare as rocking horse shit back in the 90s and turn of the mil
I have a friend who is a proper old-school Man City fan. I've got time for them, it's just there are so few who are now diluted by a sea of plastic wankers.

If there was ever a club where the original fans went "fuck it, we'll take the money if it means competing with those wildly successful neighbours" it's them I guess.
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