Come here to laugh at Chavs

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Disgusting scenes at The Etihad as stewards force Chelsea fans to stay and watch the game


SE23 in the streets, N17 in the sheets
It's normally sad to see a football club in this state, even a rival. But Chelsea aren't a normal football club. They've been instrumental in the eradicaiton of competitiveness in this league, they're the ones who started the wave of absurd fees and wages which means even big clubs like Spurs and dare I say Woolwich can't compete with any regularity.

They've spent almost twenty years buying trophies and putting it all on the credit card, just assuming the bill would always be paid by daddy. Never asking where the money was coming from, or what would happen if the money dried up. Well, daddy's a crook and now he can't pay anymore you're going to find out.

While this is specifically about Russian sanctions, I just hope Man Citeh and Barcodes fans are watching this knowing that one day their taps might get turned off abruptly too.
Its only a thing now because finally, Chelsea, Barcelona, Man U and Real etc are at a real risk from the exact thing they've done to other clubs as standard.

Its not a new thing....its just new because its from China, and the richest clubs in Europe are no longer the richest clubs in the world. I couldnt give a fuck, we are at no more risk than we ever was from losing players.

Its laughable that there is now a fear sweeping through the game.

You think Hull or Coventry or Bournemouth fans give a shit?

Man City fans now cacking it because they build teams from the pay checks available to greedy players. Oh well.



The Shed End forum is fucking glorious. They want Ambramovich out as he is letting them 'slip back into obscurity'.
Oh, and they have no 'proper Chelsea-men left'

The irony is obviously lost on the racist filth.


🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦
Chelsea were making a loss through operations. Now they have been stopped selling match day tickets and merchandise that operational loss will increase. Abramovich can’t fund it anymore.

Abranovich can’t fund the assets losses. Abramovich can’t sell the asset. Whilst frozen either banks need to extend loans to fund operations (I’m assuming they aren’t allowed to do this) or Chelsea has to have a fire sale of assets (players) and employ new assets (players) with lower costs (wages) so they can become self-sufficient. This is a great day.

Not only are Rudiger and Christiansen gone at the end of this season, as are half their first team.

who should we sign first?
He’s a good player but I don’t want Rudiger after his accusations of our fans being racists

Hypocrisy off the scale
Post by a CITY fan on a Chelsea forum

"Disgusting amount of money being offered here, And c-unts used to whine about our £30/40k extra per week wages offered, I know it's rich coming from a City fan but the Chinese Super League really is disgusting. We can't do what the MLS has done, No, No, No, We're just going to get our financial c-ocks out and wave them all over the place, Disgusting, Again, I know it's rich coming from me but compare our spending and rise with that filthy money being spent over there, I hope he doesn't go because if Costa goes, Sanchez/Aguero/Suarez could all go and the last thing we want is European football weakened. I hope the Chinese Super League burns and crashes, I'm sorry.

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Jesus fucking Christ.
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