Come here to laugh at Chavs

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We lost at home by 5 against BM.... Chavs lost by 3... Meanwhile, we lost by 1 goal at the weekend.

If you break it down, it doesn't say anything in particular at all really.

It does actually.

Both us and a Chelsea are poor sides.

Other than hard work both of us offer nothing much at the highest levels.

If you do not instill fear in your opponent you only have endeavour.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"




Fucking pay me!!!

Having "Chelsea fan" in one's Tinder profile is more likely to encourage a 'no' than any other team.


Less procreating chavs = win for humanity. :pochsmirk:
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The narrative is just absurd.

Interesting. We had Tanganga (20), Sanchez (23) Lo Celso (23), Ndombele (23), Bergwijn (22) all able to turn out for our u23s hence their youth status, 5 to Chelsea's 3 yet I don't recall many saying that we were just a young side.

Come to think of it the berating started when we played Leipzig, a game where Sanchez (23), Gedson (21), Lo Celso (23), Dele (23) and Bergwijn (22), another 5 u23s represented us. On two occasions both our line ups domainee on the youth front compared to Lampards babes..... I wonder why this wasn't highlighted by the 'experts' :gallashmm:


It is weird how the media treat Chelsea.

Even in Spanish TV in the US. The conclusion of the commentaries after the Bayern game was: experience always beats superior talent.

First of all, LOL at Chelsea having superior talent over Bayern.

Second, Chelsea isn’t young.
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