Come here to laugh at Chavs

What a club.


Almost got the full fucking set.
Yeah and all we’ve to worry about is our right back getting a trim.......


Trusting the process.


Chelsea reminded two members of staff of their responsibilities after they reportedly broke lockdown rules to sign two eight-year-olds.

Saturday was the first day clubs could sign players for under-9 football next season and the West Londoners are said to have flaunted lockdown rules in order to get there first.

Pictures reportedly seen by Football London appear to show the Blues' local head of recruitment and another member of staff enter the youngsters' homes to sign deals.

The club had planned to deliver the contracts in hard copy and exchange at a safe distance, according to the Standard.

Clubs are often in a hurry to snap up the best young talent but other London clubs are said to have acted in a more professional manner by recruiting youth players over Skype, Facetime and Zoom.

A scout at one of Chelsea's rival clubs called the move “disrespectful” and some reportedly view it as a move to get ahead in the “very competitive market” for kids currently in year three at school.
Watched the highlights earlier today. Remember it very very well. Went for a curry afterwards with a Leeds mate to celebrate. Good night. What a difference from the Spursy horror 4 years later.
I was watching it in a pub in Liverpool Street with two Chav mates (also with a Woolwich + Spurs mate), lovely night indeed. The same group met up to watch 2012, it's odd there was no celebration from the Chavs, they hated the game and were moaning from the first whistle as their team was ripped to shreds for the entire game. They of cause no maintain that they didn't fluke the game and completly deserved to win, wankers!
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