Come here to laugh at Chavs

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I seem to remember that Peter Czech could speak a language or two. Well it seems he can speak

Czech, English, French, German, Slovak, Spanish, and Italian. He can also speak basic Russian, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian.
My grandfather spoke over 10 languages, but some of them aren’t really that different.

the demarcation between the Slavic languages is sometimes slightly forced. As they are more dialects at time than languages (polish being an exception). Using Russian he could speak to Serbs and they understood well what he meant.


Fucking pay me!!!
Yet we get all the shit for calling ourselves "Yids".

Someone re-tweet this to that cunt David Baddiel BTW.

He'll still blame us......

Absolute cunt.... Imagine letting your football allegiances over-ride your support of the very people you profess to represent.
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You’ve came a long way boys……
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