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Would be annoying if he goes there and has the same impact as at Liverpool

I genuinely believe Klopp is the magic one, not Edwards. Prior to Klopp's arrival, Edwards was signing the likes of Ricky Lambert!

We all develop, so it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility that he's learned from him and I'm not suggesting that he isn't good at his job but we were after the same targets in Klopp's early days, the reason why they signed the players and we didn't was down to money, they offered more for the player and importantly paid higher wages than us. During this period they paid the 3rd highest wage bill in the league.

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knew he looked like someone
I thought the Chelsea fans view of their squad deserved a repeat.

Near the end of the contracts: Pulisic, Kante, Jorginho, Batman, Alonso, Emerson.
Supposedly wants to leave: Dave and Ziyech
Highly paid and generally useless: Werner, Baka and Sarr.
Too highly paid for what they offer: Kepa and CHO.
Probably missed some too but that is quite a list already.

Good to hear they need a large expensive rebuild ..... without Russian blood money !

I can only assume 'Paul Shelf's disagree to the above post is that he's a Chelsea supporter not liking other Chelsea fans assessment of their players and the comment that Chelsea can no longer rely on Russian blood money - something most of the civilised world now better understands, other than Chelsea fans I suspect
so have they completely got away with accounts being frozen and having 1million quid a day outlay they couldn't fulfill? surely they should be in some sort of shit for that?
By who? If they have got away with the 1bn owed to Roman I don't think they have any thing that can be punished.

FFP is reviewed annually, they didn't go into administration and they paid all football related bills.
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