Come here to laugh at Chavs

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A little light entertainment from the Shitty Ed end forum (all fucking 6 of them in there)

Looks like Bissouma is off to Spurs for £35mil - bargain that. Why aren’t we going after him?
Cos your thick cunts and will pay £100m for rice.

Spurs might overtake us. They are strengthening key areas and Conte is a worldclass coach.
Might? No doubt in my mind. But you will pay b shareholder dividends.

Even le arse making more moves than us!
That is sad.

Today is a very sad day
Please see above.

Conte is definitely building something in Spurs...
‘Nuff said


This new dawn is going to be a painful realignment for Chav fans isn't it?

from the BBC live transfer tittle tattle text....

Chris Allen: As a Chelsea Fan, I'm becoming more frustrated by Club's transfer activity. They're taking ages with Sterling, seemingly didn't bother trying for Dembele, and seriously need to put their foot down with Raphinha, he may want to join Barca but he is being disrespectful.

I mean, how the fuck can Raphinha be disrespectful to Chelsea. He owes them the grand total of Sweet Fanny Adams!


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
Genuinely can't make my mind up on this. The mobility of Werner Sterling Havertz should work. Bit I've got a funny feeling it's not going to.

It's just a slightly improved version of what they already have (with added annoying dribbles into cul-de-sacs.)....

Still no out and out finisher.
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