Come here to laugh at Citeh

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"If I see aggressivity, I show aggressivity"
So, over the weekend of the FA Cup semis there are rail works scheduled accross the north east which means no City or Liverpool fans can get a train to London.....

Fuck 'em both, but what an absolute shit-show the FA are!


"If I see aggressivity, I show aggressivity"
Bent as fuck...... Nasty bunch of bloodstained scumbags too....

Yet far too many people still fawn over them (much like the dirty chavs until a war made it taboo).
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Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Their trophies are meaningless.
Guardiola yesterday regarding Haaland:
"We are playing with good strikers and for many years I never talk about transfers, especially when we are playing for this season."

Guardiola last summer:
"We are interested in him but if Spurs don't want to negotiate then there is nothing more to say,"
"If they want to, we will try, that is all.
"He's a player for Tottenham and if they don't want to negotiate then it's finished. If they are open to negotiation, Manchester City and all the clubs in the world want to try to sign him.
"But it depends on Tottenham. Jack had a release clause so that was different."

Hasn't even been 1 year let alone 'many years'.
But Haaland has a release clause - so that is different.

Point is;
This kid has disgusting figures for a 21 year old. At 6ft 4, can't help but think he will be up to the physicality of the Premier League. Final piece of the puzzle really isn't he. Wish this financial cheating would just fuck off - ruining the competitiveness of the league. It's a complete myth that watching teams dominate with 100~ points is enjoyable.
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