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"If I see aggressivity, I show aggressivity"
Some plastic southern Tarquin on TS right now sounding broken......

Pep needs better players if City is gonna win the CL. Man City’s bargain bin shopping has really made it hard on him
For all the praise they get, it's a very flawed team. Sterling, Foden, Mahrez, Jesus, Gundogan, Grealish, Silva are not clinical finishers. This loss can be partly attributed to that. They also lack strenth and speed, which is sometimes the only way to win a close game.

Their back line can't actually defend against top class forwards. Their backup LB is Zinchenko, might as well have Regilon there lol.

Ederson is show pony, the worst shot stopper in the top 6.
Bookmarking for my morning reading ☕


1st Real goal

2nd Real goal


Full time

unlikelyfan19 said:
We've had some mentally soft teams over the years, even as good as we are, but I am proud of the mental fortitude of this years team. They hang in there.”
After tonight there was two possible scenarios.

A) The media jabbing the knife in Pep with the usual "he's not good enough in Europe" after a near full season of "City and Pep are brilliant".

B) Having to self-isolate from all football news - bar sites specific to Spurs - because we all know that a City-Pool final would have meant a media circle jerk over those two teams.

I'm gonna enjoy the knife being twisted, and not even apologise for it, given the alternative.

smug the big bang theory GIF

BTW, in the all commotion I forgot to mention how much I hate Raheem Sterling. He did this all through the world cup and the Euros.

He scored a couple of goals but he completely ruins every attack. I hate him so much, I hope I never have to see him in an England shirt.
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