Come here to laugh at Citeh

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Seems fitting for a man city statue. A post-modern garbage pile of metal lacking a human touch, any sense of beautiy or grandure.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Agreed. Pudits were fucking waffling. It was almost pure dumb luck that Real won that game.

At least against Spurs and Lyon there was real back and forth.
I think he's a brilliant, brilliant manager and will be seen as one of the greats of the game.

That said, there is something about his teams in the big knockout games that regularly don't get over the line. And I honestly don't know what it is. As you rightly say, I thought they were miles better than Real Madrid over both legs.

But from his latter years at Barca, to Bayern and now City he's been in charge of arguably the best team in the world throughout this period and has not delivered a CL!!

(barca) Lost the semi-final to Inter - the bad luck they had here was that the Icelandic volcano meant there were no planes, so they drove from Barcelona to Milan by coach which isn't exactly the greatest match prep as it took two days.

(barca) Beaten by Dimateo's 10 men Chavs in semi-final

(Bayern) Spanked 5-0 by Real Madrid in the semi-final

Bayern) lost against his declining Barca side in semi-final

(Bayern) beaten by Atleti in semi-finals

(City) beaten round 16 by Monaco

(City) thrashed by Liverpool 5-1 quarter-final

(City) Beaten by Spurs in quarter-finals

(City) Outplayed by Lyon in semi-final 1-3

(City) Lost to Chavs 1-0 in the final

Then look at his record in domestic finals at city, only ONE FA Cup win and it was against relegated Watford (he's lost FOUR semi-finals). Whilst they've totally dominated the League Cup, but let's be honest it really is a 2nd rate comp where even lower league teams rotate their squads and the only notable team he's beaten has been Chavs, with their other wins coming against Villa, Woolwich and us (and we all know that we really weren't a good team last year).

His teams are brilliantly constructed, there are never any player issues and he has the whole team of world-class players running their socks off, pressing like monsters almost every signal game. They play the most consistent football week in and week out and yet I think within this context they (he) lack something in the big knockout games. There is an underlying trend here.
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