Come here to laugh at Citeh


The Cas panel of three European lawyers decided by a majority 2-1, however, that it would not consider the legitimacy of those Etisalat payments, because they were made more than five years before the CFCB charges were brought in May 2019, so were “time-barred”.

I said this before but part of the reason City's breaches could not be established by CAS was because they didn't cooperate with CFCB or UEFA. The whole things is abolutely rotten but I assume their fans will call it a win.
Left in part because Valencia wouldn't make him captain.

You're 20 years old mate. Get back in your box. What a bellend.
Other reason because he wanted more money - obviously went to Shitty to work with Pep, tho...
FFP is just to keep the status quo.
This is absolutely true. If it's impossible to build a club into a superpower with outside investment, the only way into superpower status for outside investors is to buy into the incumbent clubs, enhancing the value of that capital. That's what's going on here.

It's a match of the powers that be's interests with the actual expressed view of the fans (hatred of plastic petro-clubs)

But none of this is structured in a way to do what is in the actual interests of the game itself, which is reversing the ever tightening grip of a handful of clubs on the entire global football revenue pie.

So the big incumbent clubs get it both ways, they both get to hoover up ever more of the money, and also get to put up an administrative drawbridge behind themselves.

But FFP has yet to actually turn back a doping club from the elite, and it's tough to see how it ever could if the club were willing to just keep throwing cash onto the pile.
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