Come here to laugh at Citeh


RIP Cheeseroom, 2016-18
I'm glad they lost!
One of my pet hates in football is extremely biased commentary in favour of English teams in the champions league on our TV channels. This match was a case in point - commentators going nuts when City scored, sounding like they are crying when Lyon did, living every foul etc. It's all done assuming fans at home want the English team to win. I must say I hardly ever want the English team to win in Europe unless its us! I tend to find our league rivals getting done by foreign opposition hilarious.
18, while Manchester City's described the actions of 20-year-old Foden as "totally inappropriate" and "well below the standards expected of a ... City player and an England international."...........and Kyle Walker the wake of meeting up with a female while on international duty.


Foden is a chavvy scumbag.

Oh, and he's overrated as fuck. But hey that's the case with most Three Lions' players.
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