Come here to laugh at Citeh

£80-odd million for Gimenez!?!

We paid half that for Davinson Sanchez, and he's a better player. Especially since Gimenez has more protection in Simeone's ultra-low block, deep defensive line, DM-heavy system. He'll be massively exposed in Guardiola's system, and we'll learn if he can actually defend without Simeone's life support.

Is this the summer when Guardiola moves from chucking tens of millions at FBs to tens (or hundreds )of millions at CBs?
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City are peculiar.

I don't think.I have seen a team so good who can be made at times to look so bad or at least concede so many goals.

They have this new defender and Laporte returning from injury. If they hit the ground running they are capable of a ten game winning run.

But mentally they are not the same without Kompany, if you get the play on words!!
I see Man City's streak of always getting the weakest possible opponents in all the cup competitions have extended beyond 1000 days. Good to see some things are remaining constant in these troubled times.
I think what we are seeing is the start of what happens when an intensive manager's intensity either drops, the squad aren't matching the intensity of previous seasons (either as a result of a manager lacking intercity or they can't lift to themselves to those previous levels - or both).

We witnessed it ourselves, as did Dortmund in Klopps last season, possibly Pep's last season at Bayern (although they were so dominant it was only seen perhaps in CL?).
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