Come here to laugh at Citeh


I can't see Kane ever playing for another English club.

I've always said if we treat Kane right, he'll treat us right.

And I genuinely think he's the kind who would end his career without trophies it it came to it. But I do think we will win before his career is up.
Not so sure. In the (hopefully) unlikely event we end this season trophyless, but definitely if we win nothing in 21/22 as well - lad is off to Madrid. And tbh I'd struggle to blame him. He's probably been this best striker in the world over the past few years, and will continue to be for the next 5 maybe. He's too competitive to be content with top 4.
I'd much rather these win it than anyone else in the picture, City fans a lot less obnoxious than Liverpool, United, Leicester fans.

And lets be honest nobody takes anything they win seriously anyway as they are just playing with the cheat mode on.

We ain't winning it so hopefully its these.
Sat Feb 13th

Man City vs Tottenham

a little over 3 weeks away.......

Not only that, but he won´t play against Cheltenham, West Brom and Sheffield - City will win all 3 games anyway. Then he´s a doubt for Burnley, and he will probably play against Liverpool. No dramas for City at all.
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