Come here to laugh at Dippers

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Had to listen to a Liverpool podcast in my mates car, think it's 'the Redmen' or something shit (I make him listen to TFC :adegrin:).
Full of hypocrisy stating jems as we have a massive wage bill and Levy is like a mini Abramovich :parker: my favourite part though was a 5 minute discussion about Martin Skrtel's possible move to Citeh. They said something like; "Weeeellch, Marten has beeeen a grrate grrate playyerch for oos this yeeear, bit thatxs it. Hee has beeyn shite for the last threee yeears, I meean If Citeh offerch oos £20 miillionn yuh caaaant turn that dowun becoos he has onley had onuh goood year. Ploos wee onley bauhgt him for £5 million, and hee is a world class center haalf. Wee could buy anovthaa worlud classs centre haalf for £5 million and be £15 millionch uop."
Basically they went on for a while that Skrtel has been shit for the three years before this one and said it takes time to flourish as a cb, then assumed they could sign an already world class cb for 5 million they signed him for because he is world class now :avbshit:
This looked a lot better in my brain :nawty:


Formerly Reptile_16
Benjoss said:
Can't say I hate them that much.

But I do hate the fucking London born fans who only fucking support them because they were good when we were kids.

This. And the twadpieces who 'announce' their support like it carries some form of weight, like we're supposed to fawn all over them at the mere mention of the rat-infested shitehole.
I can't stand how they act like they can finish 15th and still think they're one of the best clubs in England because they used to be good. The fact they all act like Sigurdsson would only have joined us for the money, shows they still think they're better than us.

LLB Part Deux

"The man who fucked up TFC" - Mick Cooper
Sweet baby Jesus. If they sell Carrol at a big loss then they'll officially rubber stamp their status as the biggest laughing stock in English football. In a city where unemployment runs at stupid levels, Liverpool FC's activities are tantamount to standing outside the Shankley Gates burning £50 notes.

I'm pleased we dodged the Brendan Rodgers bullet, his Billy Big Bollocks attitude is a bit much for a manager with no real credentials.
LLB Part Deux said:
I'm pleased we dodged the Brendan Rodgers bullet, his Billy Big Bollocks attitude is a bit much for a manager with no real credentials.

I second that.

He is making Harry's press talk look totally sane.



Man up and LOL
Pretty sure I have posted this elsewhere, but it would seem appropriate to tie up some loose ends:


Liverpool fans recipe:

Take one moron.

Dress in red (preferably in undersized tracksuit).

Add undeserved sense of self worth.

Steep with a dose of 'victim mentality'

Add phlegm to vocal chords.

Add bitterness at not making 'top 4', despite referring to the club as a 'top 4 club'.

And hey presto!

(variation - remove the stupid accent, the not making top4 and add 'smugness' to make a gooner)
Time well spent :adegrin:


Belgian Spur

Been to Liverpool once , it looked like a shithole to me and i did not understand a word they said

Slept with a bird form pool once on holiday and she was ultra fit so that evened it out

and then came Suarez

so Pool are back to -1 in my book
I hate Liverpool the club, never been out in Liverpool itself but I have always wanted to smash the back doors in of one of their fit birds...they seem to have fucking loads and most of them seem pretty fucking stupid
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