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The self pity city is starting to panic. Reality is starting hit , that this season could well be null and void. Reality will hit in the next 6 weeks. I expect the announcement to be made mid June, that the season is null and void .
Ha, what a load of whining cunts. Hypocrites as well. If Man United, or even us, was so far ahead they'd be screaming for the season to be voided and they know it.

My problem is that up until maybe a week ago all they were concerned with was whether or not they'd get to lift the PL title in front of fans and how unfair it would be if they were to be denied the title. Unfair?! FFS. More unfair is how one man eats bat soup or a pangolin or maybe both and this leads to a global crisis not seen in our lifetimes. THAT'S unfair not this shite.

End the season if possible but if it is cancelled then they need to just accept this, same for other clubs such as Leicester and Leeds.


From RAWK.

It's just completely baffling how people are quick to want to make this season null and void and ignore how next season will begin on time.

This was a reply...

It's only baffling if we overlook the clear agendas at work. Acknowledge the obvious agendas, and it makes perfect sense.

Funny enough, the ones who seem to be overlooking the global tragedy and endlessly banging on about football to excess are the ones who want to void it. Not because it's the right thing to do either. But because doing so would suit them, and a global catastrophe will be used by them in order to save themselves from their own mediocrity and failure. Basically, it's shameless opportunism on a grotesque level.

I agree with you and Jm55. As far as priorities are concerned, football is very low on the list just now for the overwhelming majority of people. I barely even think of the game itself at the moment, but it's still important to me. As Klopp said, it's the most important of the unimportant things just now. I'm not worried for myself, but I'm very concerned about vulnerable loved ones and vulnerable people in general just now. My anxiety levels are at a constant high, as they are for most other people out there.

Thing is, if this bastard virus was all we focused on then we'd be completely overwhelmed. Because of this, we also need to bring a little light relief into our day too. We need a positive focus outside of all the chaos and madness that is daily life in the current crisis. Viktor E. Frankl survived Auschwitz. He was a Psychiatrist in life before the war. He observed the mentalities and outlooks of those who escaped the 'selection process' and also survived Auschwitz. He found that the ones who used to look forward to all the little things they'd do once they were liberated tended to survive. Those who believed they were doomed, basically sealed their own fate by giving up.

The lesson I take from the above is that even in the face of unspeakable horror, your focus can also wander onto what would, in that situation, be seen as triviality. It's not an either/or situation. In fact, looking forward to positive, better days ahead can be what gets us through the very challenging present. Our daily worries are still very real and very challenging, and we do what we can to deal with them as best as we can, but without an outlet for the stress and anxiety, we'd implode mentally. Some will talk football, others cars, music, art etc... The list of 'trivialities' is endless, but they are important for our mental wellbeing.

Idiots will always delight in constructing a straw man that they can attack. For many, that straw man wears a Liverpool scarf, and is dismissive of the global tragedy unfolding all around him whilst he has nothing to worry over other than lifting a shiny pot. The reality is the straw man doesn't really exist. We are all worried, many are scared, and our priorities are negotiating our way through this horrific pandemic with our health and the health of our loved ones intact. Talking football is just a distraction just now, and acts as a safety valve more than anything else. It helps make some room in our heads for something other than worry and anxiety.

Funny really, I cut the lawn the other day, because it still matters. I marvelled at the night sky with a beautiful crescent moon rising with Venus shining above it. I felt happy after seeing our frog appear in the garden pond for the first time this year just the other night. You see, these things still matter, even if they are not No1 priority in life at the moment. Funny how I'm not getting criticised over that, but if, as a Liverpool fan, I talk about football and the title I'd be criticised for ''focusing on the trivial when we are facing a global crisis.''

When you give up on the little things, what have you got left in life? In dark times, looking forward to better days can get you through. Chances are, 95+% of our day is taken up with getting through this horrible mess. If we manage to distract ourselves for the other 5% then our mental wellbeing will benefit for it.

Let the morons go after the straw man all they want.
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