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Their feeble efforts capped off a great day / hat-trick of results! Brilliant. We win and those other two cunts lose - doesn't get much better. (especially as Spurs' performance gave me an unnecessary headache).

So glad our match was first up today, those 88 mins of frustration followed by that glorious Kane goal. Meant I could look forward to the rest of the day knowing we’d got the 3pts and back into the top 4.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Although I wasn't really bothered who won this before the game, now really pleased that the goons were totally stuffed.
Also really happy for Company - his delight at scoring was so obvious. Bet he didn't feel that it was a worthless trophy.
More blud fams, the boy and his mates are watching arse tv circus haven’t actually seen it for some time the supporting cast appears to have expanded

I watched the final today in the pub with a gooner mate (I know...) surrounded by red and white wearing Woolwich chumps. The increasing anger and outrage as each goal went in and each mistake was made was absolutely hysterical. I was doing my best to hide my beaming smile but practically had the giggles by the end.

Dr Rocktopus

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