Come here to laugh at Gooners

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Troops on Woolwich maniacs outing chambers & holding as gay with Brighton and Grindr innuendos
One bloke says
“Holding is alwys on Grindr”
I nearly made an account to ask him how he knew.

I’ve never seen him ;)

Yet I don’t need want to my computer catching any viruses ,even maladjusted ware
State of that cunt "troopz".. Who the fuck are you? Who cares about you and where are you from? Cunt who thinks he's something because Robbie gave him little bit of YT fame. Pathetic.
"I chose to not go to university." :levylol:

Much better money to be made cultivating misery on YouTube I s'pose.
What and not do English lit.
Can’t you imagine him giving a lecture.
Proves the limited vocabulary and ghetto, ruff bwoy talk is all as faux as his parkas hood trim
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