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And they’ve got Milan away next.
They’ve got fuck all chance if that’s the best they have got against Brighton.
This is wonderful, dreamy kind of stuff
They may scrape a draw against Watford next week I reckon.
I prefer not to goad them. We should rise above it. The silence will be more deafening.
We surely are better than that
From when they did the double in 70/71 there wasn’t much in it between us until we went down
1 , 5, 2 , 10, 16,17, for them until we went down. Trophies:1(title) 1FA Cup
3, 6, 8, 11, 19, 9 for us Trophies: 2 League Cups UEFA Cup Anglo italian LCWC

Yet they never won another trophy until 1987 and finished in the top 4 x4: 4443
Whereas we won 2 more FA cups and another UEFA and finished in top 4 x4: 4433
Ham rolls fam
I finally broke and googled what the hell 'ham roll' is even meant to mean.

A star is born

Obviously doesn’t know about their long barren spells and poor league form before.
Another Wenger era fan who now wants him out.
I sincerely hope they go through untold managers now,
They had Mee from 66 to 76 and he won the double and nothing else. I don’t count the fairs cup.
Then they nicked our manager to win a trophy after he took us down.
He was there from 76-83 and won one Cup
Then they had Howe who won nish and a caretaker before Graham.

So no you can’t remem becuase you wasn’t alive.

Tell them becuase daddy keeps making mistakes at his job and the keeper is also pants.
Little leaks by a prick in the dressing room to a Woolwich loving journo to make them look as though it’s not their fault. They need more help from coaches .
These are international supposed world class players on massive wages.
Get out there and show it.
Ramsey. Has the front to post a cunt video of himself bragging about being a footballer looking for a date, but not the bollocks to say anything himself
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