Come here to laugh at Gooners

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That would just BE SO beautiful...
Of ALL the cunts to finally take them over the cliff... Sol would be my choice!

They can ALL crash and burn together for all I care...
...talking of cunts... hey JACK... whaddaya think of Tottenham NOW you smug, fat tongued gloating prick... hurting much is it you despicable odious little shit stain?!

Funny, I don't see you holding your microphone out to your internet obsessed self-entitied fans THIS season you attention seeking little Cunt!

Dr Rocktopus

If we do finish above them this year (which is likely at this point) I prefer not doing a fuss about it, show them how small time they really are

At the end of last season it was my Gooner mates who brought it up, not me. Mostly along the lines of ‘I suppose you’re gonna gloat now’.

I just shrugged and said I hadn’t even thought about it. Pissed them right off.

As if I hadn’t thought about it :vertna:
A star is born

I wouldn’t say Born Furby I mean he says this is his third manager.

The stick he got as a 6 month old baby when Rioch took over must have been horrendous for him....

....or he was 8 or 9 when the invincibles were around and supported them on the back of a couple of titles is a smiiiddddge more the truth, little tosser
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