Come here to laugh at Gooners

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Could Thomas Partey make his debut on Saturday after making a £45m move from Atletico Madrid to Woolwich?

While the Ghana international's journey to stardom may have had humble beginnings in the town of Krobo Odumase, it's Madrid where the 27-year-old established himself as one of Europe’s best midfielders.

Partey’s arrival has excited many Woolwich fans who feel that, with him in the team, their beloved club will be able to once again challenge for the Premier League title.

"Thomas Partey: Ghanaian footballer's arrival at Woolwich reignites fans' title hopes"

The beeb has fucking lost it
I hate them more and more each day. It’s not just because they’re out closest rival.. just fucking embarrassing how they’ve become! I really hope they wind up and we never hear from them again
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