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The politè white boy at the back is the star of this. When he puts his face in hands you can actually hear his internal monologue. "Why why did I choose to be here"
See that cunt DT was tweeting / mocking us being top of the table for less than 30mins...then turns off his replies after the loss.

Can't take it, don't dish it out.

he desperately needs help.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"

Imagine being a professional footballer and having a 38 year old iPad merchant in his first job bellowing at you all match where to play the ball like you’re a u10 team.

That’s the type of shit footballers see right through, especially when the results aren’t there. Cant see him keeping the dressing room for long if that keeps up.

The thing is that's what Klopp, Pep, Poch & Belisa do. Their teams look like they are playing with carefree abandon, full of expressive attacking free-flowing football when the reality is they are highly choreographed moves, honed over many, many hours at the training ground.

The issue is and has always been having the ability as a coach to get your players to do it. Every art teacher around the World has a degree in Art, does this make them a brilliant teacher? Are their pupils turned into Picasso's and Tracy Emin's?

Just because someone spent 2yrs as Pep's number 2 doesn't mean he will be a new Pep. It just means he worked for Pep. Arteta is still in no uncertain terms a rookie manager, an individual who no doubt was exposed to some truly unique methods but unless he is capable of taking those methods and making them your own, he's still Aretta the rookie manager.

He's a complete unknown, ONLY those in the game that know him personally will have any idea of how good he is or can be but the media & Woolwich PR wank over him all because he worked for Pep for 2yrs is totally unfounded

Last season he absolutely steadied Woolwich, they played much better football (not great, just better) and resembled a team in progress but working with a form approaching an identity. This season under a longer spell of his tutelage I'd guess that he's drilled them to within an inch of their lives, with them trying to control every aspect of every phase of play, from playing out from the back to progressing the ball into midfield then into attack. I guess they look fantastic in training but when you play against the oppo, those structures aren't being replicated in the match so they are left not knowing what to do??? That and in training I'd guess their attack plays against their defence which might give them the impression that they are good in attack??

Will he be any good? It's still a complete unknown. But let us hope for more abject performances like that, because just as Emery found the pampered prima donnas are forever present at this club, they seep from within their DNA, they even reward them with their biggest contracts. Let the fat lady sing.
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"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
God i wish I wasn't working from home theres a goon at work decent lad really but I'd love to give him the mock sincere

"In all seriousness do you think you'll finnish above west ham"

Organise a fake meeting on Zoom.... Subject matter "Serious concerns"
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God i wish I wasn't working from home theres a goon at work decent lad really but I'd love to give him the mock sincere

"In all seriousness do you think you'll finnish above west ham"
It’ll take a long time for the debt to be repaid. Most of the boring stuff “We’re your cup final”
“blah blah trophy cabinet blah blah” I never really cared about. It was the more subtle “Robbie Keane’s a great signing, for you guys” type of patronising shite that used to irk me.

I’ve got about 20yrs of abuse to dole out. My current favourite is just genuinely talking about them as a mid-table team, which they are.

“If Arteta comes good I reckon you guys might push for a Europa League spot in a couple of years”
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