Come here to laugh at Gooners


For the same reason they've gotten Kolarov or Ashley Young. Fuck knows why, but it's very possible Conte wants Xhaka to replace Vecino (who is most likely gone). I dislike Eriksen enough as it is, if this goes through the dislike would really become hatred.

Xhaka would probably be an okay player in Serie A as well - him trying to throw his weight around in the PL doesn't really work as the opposition can nearly always out fight him
Great to see Willian enjoying his retirement swanning off to Dubai at the first opportunity despite UK travel restrictions. Will he be punished by Pep's cone-carrier or straight in the team come Sun? Hmmm....:gallashmm:
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xG in one off games isn't that good an indicator imo - but with a much larger sample size its far more useful

It's been obvious for ages watching their games that they've been massively riding their luck, Leno has probably been their best player for the last 3 seasons, if that changes they could be in real trouble.
I'm a big supporter of xG, even in one-off games, as it does nothing more than put a bit of logic to "he should be scoring that".

But 100% over a period of time (they're taking into account different opposition and across the peaks and troughs of a season(s)) the underlying numbers will reflect what's going on. They are especially valuable within the 24/7 hyperbole of the Football media, where the opinions and narratives are written on the back of one performance (good/bad).

As regards to Artetta, I still think he'll make an OK manager. I say this purely on the basis that his team have "changed", so this means he has impacted the team, they listen to him and carry out his instructions. Whether these instructions are appropriate, valid for the team he has or whether his approaches have been wrong and have cost them the game more time will be required to evaluate this.

But he is walking the thin ice of marketing hype, unlike Lampard, he absolutely wasn't a club legend, he was only there for 5yrs, made only 110 league appearances (quite a few as sub) (150 games in all comps), Can you imagine the coverage in the media had Nacer Chadli (120 appearances in 2yrs less time) been made Tottenham manager?
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