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Wheelchair is the saddest of sad cases. They all crowed about him being the best English player they’ve ever seen. He’s fucking useless and always has been. Not even a league one side want a punt on him, wanker of the highest degree and one of the worst English players of this generation



Woolich offered Eriksen in cut-price deal.

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Had the pleasure of standing next to Wheelchair and his mates at a British Summertime @Hyde Park The Libertines gig about 5 or 6 years ago. One of his mates was off his tits on an E or something and he was barging into people while doing a stupid can't hardly stand up dance.

Anyway he fell onto this group of big lads from Cardiff and split one of their drinks, the big lad pushed him away and he fell on the floor. Wheelchair (about 5 foot 6?), dressed in a trenchcoat, hands in pockets fronted up the guy (6ft 3ish, big geezer) and told him to watch it, they were on his patch and he would fackin ave em sorted.

Everyone watching burst out laughing,

Little prick.
I'd be open to it. He could probably do a good job for us, but we would just need to figure out his best position.

The role of Chripy is already taken, I'm sure, so that is out. Maybe he could get a role as server at Beavertown? I'd be afraid of anything too physically taxing like working with the groundskeepers or as a steward. We wouldn't want him on the injury list for 6 months because he blew out his ACL walking someone to their seats.


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Atta boy, Andros!


“You know what, it used to make me angry,” Wilshere said. “I know for example Tottenham fans are always going to have that banter with me.”

Before Townsend interjected: “I’ve got to say you deserve that from what you said after the FA Cup!”


Beyond Evelebty!
I see our first home game with 2,000 spurs fans in the stadium is against The Scum. Don't let us down, crowd - LET'S BE 'AVIN' YOU!!!

6th December.


I was reading that it is a bit of a myth that they took their name from the Woolwich armoury, it is actually because Herbert Chapman wanted to have a lasting memory of his dad. Apparently when he used to give his dad a blow job, his dad would say 'you've got to lick my arse'n all'. True story.

Why do you think Jimmy Rimmer has pride of place in their hall of fame. Coincidence? I think not.
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