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Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
He’s changed his tune.....which he will then change back once they’ve won a couple of games.
I never give any credence to anything he ever says. To this day I can't make out if he's a deliberate plant by Sky by picking the dumbest twat in football just so his statements ignite a myriad of comments (engagement) riping him to pieces or if he knows exactly what he's doing but couldn't give a shit what he says and how it makes him look so long as the paycheck comes in.
Every opinion he has he hides it behind ‘some people think’

who are these people? Take ownership for your opinion

A grade A cunt who is thicker than pig shit

However he’s right about them being a mid table team

Another couple of dodgy results and surely the only one to rescue them will be Eeyore Adams

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