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Being impartial i'd say that them losing seven of their twelve games is not a bad effort and they should be pleased with their 15th on the ladder. (not a bad result against Burnley) Probably deserve to be a few places below that which would also not be a bad effort for Arsanal.


Fucking pay me!!!
Please post it when its done man. I'll drop in a set.

Also, i feel like this is an attempted audition for AFTV. The state of this lot. Tragic.....and fucking hilarious!

Imagine genuinely being that upset and thinking "I know, I need to film a rant and share it with a bunch of random strangers on twitter"?

The world we live in is so fucked up....
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5 points off the drop zone and 5 points off 10th.

Not sure we can even call Woolwich a mid table team now :D :D :D

Maybe a drop zone contender now ?

(posted on wrong thread earlier !)


To dare is too dear
Had to do it, comedy gold.

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