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The League Cup is obviously below the Premier League and the FA Cup, while I personally would also rather win the Community Shield over it too...but I will be annoyed if Sp**s win it, tbh.

I never ****ing ever want that club to have any form of success, hate everything about them...hopefully City or United smash them in the final.

Taken from flumps.mania they really are a sad bunch community shield has more prestige.....

So many of them seemed, for reasons why I don't understand, to take swipes at us for us securing a government loan. Would be interesting to track those done and get their views to this.
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Where's the Kaboom?
I thought those loans were available to businesses that had been a community asset during the first lockdown

I fail to see how making 55 prople redundant to pay a couple of weeks wages for aboomerang is being an asset to the community.

although i suppoose giving DT something to occupy his time means his Mrs isnt in the battered wives refuge.

until she burns his toast again


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I'd say a guaranteed 6 points in Woolwich's next 2 league games. Which looking at the fixtures could probably put them 5 points off the top 4 and 1 point behind Frank Lampard's Chelsea.

Gives them a bit of hope.

But then it's all down hill from there looking at their fixtures. From the end of January, they may only win 1 league game until March.
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