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"Legacy Fan"




"Legacy Fan"
Is this real?!
Yeah, but it could just be one of those photo's that gives an optical illusion, but there is a load of Woolwich chatter about how fat he is but I don't know if that as a result of this pic or as a consequence of them actually watching him play in their pre-season game.


"Legacy Fan"
Good grief! Can't believe that a professional athlete lets himself go to that extent. And to think, we got so upset when the chavs hijacked the deal!
The only issue I ever had with the hijack was with Mourinho's unprofessionalism in the press and how the press reported it. That being he chooses Chavs over us.

The reality was that he the player had no say in where he went, it was a deal of convenience between to Russian gangsters, they not only had to pay more, pay him a higher salary but the one thing that never got mentioned is that to get this deal done they had to also buy Eto, who's salary was $30m a year at Anzhi, making him the highest-paid football in the World. Annoyingly, still the press still spun this as "Eto takes a 50% pay cut to join Chavs"! No mention that Eto was at that time still the highest-paid footballer in the PL on £300k pw at Chelsea!!!!
Amazon probably know something that we don't - Arteta will be sacked in the first episode , who will take his place? Wegner, Big Fat Sam? Southgate? Martinez?

I think they have been on a bit of a roll since xmas but their fans are even more fed up than ours.

As for who comes in for legoman I think whoever it'll be will have a lucrative contract set in stone that will reward failure. Also, my name isn't Sam nor would I take the job. Ta.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I still don't understand why anyone would want to leave their country of residence at this time, situations change by the day it seems. I had resigned myself to going nowhere this year.
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