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Homeless Wilshire publicly begging the nomads to train with them out of sympathy has made my day.

Someone get in touch with that yiddo taxi driver he gobbed at to drop him off?

It has almost helped me get over last Saturdays absolute shambles.

50 more watches of that Kane toe punt beating Szczesny and ill be feeling bless again, just in time to get thumped by the racists.

Sacrilege i know, but are Woolwich too shit to still maintain that deep fundamental level of contempt now? Chelsea seem to boil my piss way more often recently? They actually have an consistently enviable position to fuel the hatred.

Plus having a proper derby helps them to feel like a real football team and not a bond villains eBay bought FIFA UT.
But will still explain to every single Gooner i come across, how impossibly stacked against you the odds are when attempting to break into the top four without top four money.



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