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Oh look, Woolwich play some better teams and start losing again. Such a shame we couldn't play the Burnley game or we'd be above these cunts tonight and sitting in 4th.

That will happen soon enough though. Imagine Conte had been in charge of us as long as Arteta has been in charge of them, we'd be miles ahead.
Pity they couldn’t have got a draw at Old Trafford. Woolwich will collapse anyway like a cheap suit as the season goes on. Would have been nice to have got a bit more of a cushion over Man U.


leviticus 20 13 "The cunts end up on ignore"
They've improved, watching them they have a bit of a plan now and they've got some good young players there Saka, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, White, Gabriel, Ramsdale - so you'd think that if they keep the team together they could go on and push themselves up the table.

But I really don't rate Arteta, he's just a massively failed imitation of Pep, the longer they keep him around the better.
And that wasnt highlighted once anywhere

I pointed out that their "great run" was bullshit on page 1883 of this thread


Another thing that occurs to me is that Arteta is the perfect manager for the Kroenke's. He has managed to get Woolwich fans to lower their expectations to such a degree now that a top 6 finish keeps him in a job and a top 4 finish would get an open top bus parade. Whereas they used to hammer Wenger for 'only' getting top 4.

Spurs now have a manager who raises expectations of the whole club and the fans. Even if he asks for a bit of time, we know that he wants us to really challenge sooner rather than later.
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