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Retard tv ffs .
I never watch that content now, as funny as it can be, there has to be a point where someone who might be lacking mental capacity is being exploited for others to gain.

Given their excuses in January and the blaming of everyone else for their defeat last night, from their manager acting like a child in his interview to their fan base acting like its everyone else's fault, it just entrenches my opinion that I wish we had a proper football rival.
The sourest of grapes.

Lad's a total fuckwit. I'm amazed at the amount of blaming of the refs. The only thing they could be bitter about is Son staying on the pitch, but they got their cunts kicked in last night.
and how far back he goes ... almost like remember that time Frank Stapleton didn't get a free kick ... oh, and Charlie George was once robbed of a penalty.
He has an opening spiel where he bigs up the NHS and a sundry of proffesions. Its very solem, very long and now reaches down the bus drivers of this world. Next he'll be respecting the delivrooo drivers
I think he's like a child and has a weird innocence about him. I certainly don't hate him. Him and Claude were genuinely a funny double act. But it's all performative junk and I prefer every last one of them to professional cunts like Keown. The saltiness from the fake intellectual is hillarous why do him an Adams think we don't see how thick they are? Is it the glasses or because the don't use slang. They are both thick as mince.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Not sure if this has been in here yet but saw it on Twitter, horrific. North London forever? Do you even know how your club was founded?

They literally have no idea about where they are from, that they are nothing other than a franchise from Plumstead. Had they not made the move from south to north London, all their fans today would be Tottenham fans!

It's the only positive that can be taken from their migration north because it cleansed our fanbase from having this lot in it I guess.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
How has Saka been nominated for SKY POTY
Are You Kidding Jason Sudeikis GIF by Apple TV+
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