Come here to laugh at Gooners

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Beyond Evelebty!
20/20 hindsight here - The fact that they ran from the first game ignited even greater flames of hatred for them, which manifested in the stadium on Thursday, causing them to crumble.

"You can run, but you can't hide"


Furball man

African fans who will never set foot in an EPL stadium and probably couldn’t find London on a map.
No different from British NFL fans who switched from the 49ers to the Patriots as a result of the latter’s success.
Remarkably strange post . Tints of xenophobia , stereotyping & just plain dumb

The Romanian Jack


Good to see people still keeping faith with Arteta project and calling it progress when they finished 8th in the last couple of seasons and barring any shocking result, 5th this season. Or Geordie is just laughing at Woolwich undercover.

Poch took over a dogshit team and got us fighting for the title in one season without having to spend £250m. Of course, we didn’t have to go against what I think are two of the best sides in the history of Premier League, but I’d say Conte’s Chelsea was pretty solid.
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