Come here to laugh at Gooners

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First of all, yeah nice tweet we can all laugh at, especially as the atmosphere last night was as shite as it always is......

But let's delve a little deeper into just how corrupt and fake this fanbase is. Take a look at the picture, what do you see?


Can you see it yet? Oh, the arm growing out of a man's head! No, not even that!!!!!


Faking pictures to make it look like more fans are in the stadium!!! This has to be worse than City buying & paying Twitter followers!

It's in their DNA, founded on corruption. The bottlers are an absolute laughing stock.
Surely worth a smilie or two:

I give you...


1. Suicidal Claude


2. Fat Robbie


3. The Gurning Goon


4. Pointy Fackin' Shouty


5. Barry the Hamster

Will have to do one of Dopey Pirate and Ghetto Scott Kieran :)
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Im not rising above shit......fuck Woolwich.

13 points and mind the gap you tragic tossers. This demise, running parallel with West Ham's and our growth could not be written any better. You literally couldnt make it up.

Back in 2000-2005, I always said that it was only plastic Woolwich fans that said we werent their rivals anymore, and it was Chelsea and Utd. Well thats the same for me, I couldnt give a fuck if they are non league, they'll always be The Scum, and will always rub it in their grubby faces when we do them over.

They are a disgrace. We had a full house through our darkest days, we made noise losing to the likes of Boro or Sheff Utd. The gooners of today have turned on the man who gave them their vile entitled smugness in the first place.

Now the clueless cunts want Henry. Small time shambolic fuck fest, and long may it continue.
I'll be lauding every second of it.
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