Come here to laugh at Gooners

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Does anyone else think that Iwobi is a cheating cunt?
Felt the slightest brush, if any, on his leg and decided to trip himself as soon as he got inside the box. You could see him looking at the ground to see when he was over the 18yrd line.
Of course he wasn't to now that 'makeshift' CB Javier was nowhere near him. Luckily for them.
Can't believe nobody had the bollocks to call him out on TV for the cheating cunt he is and Howard Webb said it was a penalty. 'I don't think he did it on purpose' Well it's really impossible to do accidentally and everybody knows it's a method employed by diving cheating cunts to win penalties when they need a goal. Especially professional footballers ffs.
The Fire Brigade phones up Arsene Wenger in the early hours of sunday morning...

"Mr Wenger sir, the Emirates is on fire!"

"The cups man!, save the cups!" replies Arsene

"Don't worry Mr Wenger, the fire hasn't spread to the canteen yet"


Sounds like they had their own version of what happened with our fans at Dortmund last night. Although without the pepper spray and punchy stewards. Not really laughing at that but this is the gooner thread
This just came up on my recommended videos (I wonder why :pochlol:).

It's the best thing I have ever seen! It literally has EVERYTHING. I would honestly rather my club folded and ceased to exist than be associated with circus animals like these...

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