Come here to laugh at Gooners

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He'll still start in the Euro's though.

It horrifies me that some of the Radio 5 and other Media podcasts even up to a month ago they were saying he was a "guaranteed starter"

I think most gooners now would think what the fuck are they going on about? What are they watching?

Even when Wilshire sent out a tweet the other day, gooners caned him saying he was stealing a living - great to see


wrong nearly always
No way of knowing just how many grams he's going to hoover until the morning......

Turkish star Arda Turan has spoken to Spanish paper Diari Ara this week, and the Barcelona midfielder described how Woolwich were his plan B if a move to the Camp Nou never materialised.

Responding to a question about when he knew he was going to sign with Barcelona, Arda Turan made the following comment:

I felt that I would sign for Barca. In all honesty I used to think, ‘If I play very well I will end up signing for Barca, because my style fits into this team. If I play well, I will end up at Woolwich’.
Not played for nearly a year yet will get game time ahead of others more deserving?

No doubt he will crock himself lacing up his boots for this comeback game.
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