Come here to laugh at Gooners

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Me reading my Twitter timeline right now
Wools are 14 points behind us, played one game less. If they win 8 games they end up with 78 points.

We need 10 points to match that, but our goal difference is so superior that even a longer losing sequence won't ruin it in their favour.

We need 9 more points, and that is if they win ALL their games!

If we got 9 and they won out we'd finish a point behind them... again... thanks for killing my buzz
I don't know what his obsession is with long coats, but I can't wait for the day they sell sleeved sleeping bags in the club shop - he's not far off it.


(slightly photoshopped)
....tempted to stick a tenner on Woolwhich to finish above us :levyeyes:

Seriously though that is one awful result for a team needing to show some bollocks. Usually by now this lot are on a roll as the pressure is off. Pressures on and they can't handle it AGAIN. Seriously what does Wenger do with them ?

One serious caveat. I don't fancy Palace away now...:pochshock:
When we were at our shittest, I don't ever remember the crowd turning on the team.

I remember Adebayor complaining like a twat that the team was losing at home because the crowd kept boo-ing.

Not sure when that would have been now - AVBs last season? Or Poch's first?
Walked in a pub in finsbury park and gave a loud get in with a fist pump when I saw the score. The look on the gooner faces were superb. They looked like there heads would implode.
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