Come here to laugh at Gooners

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He's the first one I've seen who hasn't made me cringe in utter embarassment.

BTW, whose name does he say on 1:16 "This is the darkest days since the xxxxx days"?

Disliked by both clubs ...

Smoked Salmon

Finest human being of all time
Arse fan on Talksport...

"All we saw as we left was Robbie from Woolwich Fan TV, and frankly some of the stuff they put on there is comical..."

Fight, fight, fight, fight!:ledleylick:
It could be a long way back for Woolwich. They need a Poch type figure to come in, ship out the deadwood and change the culture. There's so much deadwood there though and the culture of 4th is a trophy and last 16 is an achievement is so well ingrained that it could be a 4 or 5 year job and may take several managers to get right.

Chelsea can get going again quickly when a new manager comes in because the winning mentality has become ingrained there. And hopefully Poch will leave us in a similar situation when he leaves.


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Club in decline.

Awful atmosphere, no redeeming qualities about the club, manager who isn't wanted, players who don't want to play, piss poor defence, zero depth. Could be about to lose champions league football.

These things happen in cycles. Woolwich and Man Utd dominated English football, now look at both clubs. Just like Liverpool and Everton in the 80s.

Its time for the another era of Tottenham. We're coming.

Said it before. Say it again.

4 away games. 3 goals conceded in each of them.

Seven Sisters

Hold my beer....
I forgot Woolwich were playing tonight. Checked news headlines before turning in for the night, proper lol'ed. Can't be bovvered to check AFTV, I'm sure the highlights will be on here ASAP.

Sweet dreams!
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