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Fidel Castro

Tractors for the people.
Chelsea can get going again quickly when a new manager comes in because the winning mentality has become ingrained there. And hopefully Poch will leave us in a similar situation when he leaves.
They have endless dirty Russian blood money . That what make the chavs successful even when they have the odd blip.
Great context in the Football365 Report...

"The loss means Woolwich are 20 points clear of relegation-threatened Palace but 21 points shy of Premier League leaders Chelsea as Wenger’s knack of delivering top-four finishes and Champions League qualification now faces a stern test."

Fellas it was a 5am game here so clearly didn't watch. Was confident they'd win so checking the score made me laugh for a good five minutes.

They are actually a shambles and the senile old twat has so much power in the club that he'll stay lol.

I'm still a bit tentative about getting too cocky after last season but they really are a shambles.

Never felt so confident ahead of a NLD (well aware that could come back to bite me).

We've been phenomenal at home this season. We have a solid defence, a prolific attack and a real steely determination.

They on the other hand are a shower of shit at the back, have zero character and a big yellow streak running up their spines.

Wouldn't it be great to utterly smash them out of sight! And for once I genuinely feel like that's a strong possibility. COYS!
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