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I'm still a bit tentative about getting too cocky after last season but they really are a shambles.

Never felt so confident ahead of a NLD (well aware that could come back to bite me).

We've been phenomenal at home this season. We have a solid defence, a prolific attack and a real steely determination.

They on the other hand are a shower of shit at the back, have zero character and a big yellow streak running up their spines.

Wouldn't it be great to utterly smash them out of sight! And for once I genuinely feel like that's a strong possibility. COYS!

Yeah, things are going way too well. Makes me nervous.


Ledders' Bredda
Maybe the odd player but never the whole side...

I'm reminded of the games at the end of the 02-03 season when we lost 5-1 away to shitty Middlesbrough (Maccarone scored 2) then we lost 0-4 versus an incredibly mediocre Blackburn. I think we started with Gary Doherty and Sheringham up front and by the end of it the crowd were chanting for the unknown Jamie Slabber to come on, it got that desperate. I may be conflating memories of a couple of shocking matches from the time.
Fans were throwing season tickets onto the pitch and giving dogs abuse to a few players - although even then I remember pockets of "you're not fit to wear the shirt" chants getting booed by loads more and countered with Tottenham til I die songs.
Moral of the story is they're still much bigger wankers than we were even in those doldrums.
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As they said on Football Weekly a week or so ago I wish I was as passionate about anything in my life as much as these are about the drama in their club.... utter bellends, totally oblivious to reality
Free Palestine Moh.

Who watches trough this whole 10 minute video of him gets a penny.

No Troopz apparently

I like Moh. Watching him struggle to articulate a simple sentence is hilarious. He might well be a homophobic, runt of the litter, anorak wearing gobshite, but his attempts at highbrow really make me laugh. And he lives in a shoebox with a woman who absolutely refuses to be pictured with him.

I can't admire that.

The bellends in the background - are they FANS? DO THEY WATCH THE TEAM?

Their club a joke, as usual feel for Claude, I bet he enjoyed going many years ago, before most of the cunts on there were born, even though its Woolwich, its so sad


"Intelligent but stupid" - Ahab



Fucking pay me!!!
I remember Adebayor complaining like a twat that the team was losing at home because the crowd kept boo-ing.

Not sure when that would have been now - AVBs last season? Or Poch's first?

I remember those boos.... Most of them were reserved for his sketchy ass, the div!
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