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Probably a bit OTT of me, but I really am close to walking away from football. It’s just so revolting. Everything about it is despicable.
I've felt that way previously but feel that I would be the one to loose out because of these wankers.

So, happy to still get pleasure from football but I'll make sure I'll do more to protect it. The protests against ESL last year was a good example, will almost certainly have to do this all over again soon.

Now the football community has had its eyes opened to sportswashing, every game played against City, PSG & Newcastle should have some form of protest, something that prompts the world's media that cover each and every game has to pick up on and constantly puts the clubs in a position they have to answer to.

I feel this is a way I can still be a part of this circus. I've never wanted an Oligarch or Petro-State buying up Spurs, we have little to no say in the matter if they do. I'm now very clear that I wouldn't walk away from the Club if this were to happen, fuck that it's my Club but I'd actively protest against the ownership though.


Fucking pay me!!!
There's people on here who were desperate for a Saudi takeover of Spurs, probably still feel the same, mental :confused:

Just keeping their heads down what with all the killing going on, but yeh the jealousy will run deeper than their morality.....
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Should Spurs decide to go for de Ketelaere it looks as if Toons won't be much of a competition for his signature ...

Tottenham Hotspur are set to battle a host of top clubs for a starlet dubbed "the next De Bruyne".

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Charles De Ketelaere is ready to leave Belgian side Club Brugge, with a number of European sides vying for his signature, including Tottenham, Newcastle United and Leicester City – and Spurs may have an edge over Newcastle, at least.

β€œThe Premier League is the highest you can go. That intensity too. In England, you become a better player. But I want to leave everything open,” De Ketelaere recently said in an interview, adding, β€œMy girlfriend, Jozefien, must be able to continue her studies in dentistry in a good way. [Simon] Mignolet once told me that there’s not much to do in Newcastle. And that in winter, it’s dark as early as four o’clock.”
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Good well done Brighton. They pay the right comp or he remains under his contract terms.

I think Brighton is one of the best-run clubs in the PL, it enables them to punch above their weight and importantly has meant they have kept Potter loyal to them when others have come sniffing. Part of Newcastle's strategy would be to weaken the immediate opposition around them, I suspect this is part of that strategy.


Fucking pay me!!!
Executed for deviant beliefs!! ffs I really hope the new FFP rules stop these disgusting thugs from making the Barcodes the figureheads they are after? But I doubt it.

Never mind FFP; how the league can finally hound Abromovich out yet at the same time pucker up for these cunts is disgusting.

Ditto City.
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