Come here to laugh at United

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Tbf they have progressed from the end of his time. Once he leaves us next season if we are in the top 4 with a new manager let’s not act like we won’t be saying the same.
i took this from their forum

1. We would be on course for 74 points total (for reference we got 66 last season)
2. We were out of the CL at the group stage
3. We'd have won 2 league games convincingly all season (Leeds and Southampton)
4. We'd be on course to concede 49 league goals

Mourinho had them at 81 points ,had them winning 4-0 5 times in that season , never went out of cl group stage , 28 goals conceded , and of course left them 2 major trophies

Factually they aren't progressing ,no ifs or buts here

Just because other team are underperforming doesn't mean they are improving

If you said they have progressed from the end of his time , well i could also said we have progressed from the end of poch time.
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