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That’s terrible. Should be a retrospective ban for next season for diving. That would serve him right.
As this replay was being played last night Savage was commenting on him brilliantly drawing the foul (I actually have no problem with diving, it's how it's reported in the media that get's right on my tits. Pundit calling out a player for it one week, the next he's applauding it, almost like they might actually support the team they commentating on when it's for/against them. Eyes look towards Mr G. Neville).


I'll enjoy it when we get back in the groove and spank them.

We had a clusterfuck of a season, it's amazing to see how bloody close we were to them and the other top teams when you consider all the leads we dropped.


Tier 1 - Trust me bro'
Its said about our players alot, but if Varane joins Man Utd just like Sancho & Fernandes he has zero ambition because he won't be winning trophies
You'd think that eventually, if they keep signing players like that for every position, that they might win something just by sheer quality of individual player, but then you remember that they have Ole at the wheel...

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